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Phone: 440-632-0499

 Address: 14575 Madison Road (S.R. 528) Middlefield, Ohio 44062


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GGPA Contract

GGPA Guidelines

You may buy and sell under the same number. Because it is a permanent number, is is important to notify the office of any changes in your contact information (mailing address, phone number, etc.). Buyers must pay in full the day of the auction.

CASH or CHECK only - We cannot accept credit or debit cards.


AUCTION: All product to be auctioned off on the sales floor is sold by lot. Each lot will be tagged with the grower number, item description and count. Items are auctioned by the count (times the money) and the bidder is responsible for the purchase of the entire lot unless specifically noted differently by the auctioneer at the time of the sale. For each lot purchased there is a $1 transaction fee, which is taxable.

Example: A lot is tagged as "Acorn squash each, 6 count." The winning bid is $1. The winning bidder will be charged $1 each for 6 acorn squash and a $1 taxable transaction fee for the lot for a total of $7.07.

SINGLES RACK: Located at the north end of the building, items placed on the singles rack are tagged with a price for outright purchase prior to and throughout the auction. Those items must be brought to the cashier window and paid for. There is no transaction fee for these items purchases prior to the close of the auction. Any items remaining on the rack at the end of the auction will be auctioned off and are then subject to the transaction fee.


Geauga Growers collects 15% commission on the sales and growers/sellers are assessed $1 lot fee per auctioned lot. Items sold on the singles rack are subject to 10% commission but no lot fee unless unsold at close of auction and auctioned off.

All growers/sellers must fill out a contract in order to receive payment. Checks will not be released until a contract is received and a new contract must be filled out each year. Contracts are located in a holder mounted between the two cashier windows and can be turned in at either cashier window during office hours or may be placed in the mailbox slot in the office door if the office is not open. Be sure to sign the contact and include your permanent number at the upper right-hand corner of the contract.

One check will be issued for consignments Monday through Friday and may be picked up at the cashier window during the following Monday's evening sale. Check not picked up by the end of the sale will be mailed out Tuesday morning.

All product must be tagged by the grower/seller. Tags are located in the mailbox at the cashier window. Please follow the instructions on the mailbox to properly fill out the tag. Be sure to include your grower/seller number, the item description and the pack size (ie 1/2 bushel, peck, each), and the quantity of the items in the log. Staff is on site 2 hours prior to the start of each auction. The building is open prior to that time and tagged product may be dropped off early at the seller's risk.